News & Infos Tunnel Roppen 2nd tube
The excavation of the 2nd tube of the Tunnel Roppen including 23 cross passages was executed from both tunnel portals. The breakthrough was performed during the restoration of the 1st tube
News & Infos Inner lining new tube
The inner lining was constructed with two formworks carriages
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Tunnel Roppen

  • Construction of new 2nd tube
  • Restoration and adaptation of existing tube
  • Length: 5,100m
  • Construction period: 2005 - 2011
  • Construction costs: 130 Mil. €
The alignment of the tunnel Roppen goes underneath the southslope of Mount Tschirgant in the Upper Inn Valley, in Tirol. The project includes the construction of the 5100m long new southern tube and the restoration of the existing tube. 23 cross passages were built every 212m (16 pedestrian access, 6 for rescue access and 1 for vehicle access). Works started in October 2005 and were concluded in December 2010.

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