News & Infos Geomechanics of underground structures
How will the excavation of a tunnel affect objects on the surface? Which cross-sectional shape provides maximum safety?
News & Infos Structural Design
How do I make the most of the materials on-hand? Will the structure be sufficiently safe during fire disasters and earthquakes? That’s what structural analysis is about.
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Stability Analysis
The diversity of problems to be solved in geotechnical engineering requires a variety of skills.
Our powerful Finite-Element-Analysis software (MSC.Marc, ZSoil) incorporates sophisticated constitutive models and assists our engineers in predicting the behaviour of soil, rock and support measures. Graphic interactive pre- and post-processors facilitate the compilation and interpretation of complex analyses.
IGT keeps pace with the ever-ongoing development by applying up-to-date constitutive laws and by continuous improvement of modelling techniques.

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