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Transient 3D-analyses allow specific prognoses of surface settlements (e.g. for buildings) at any point in time.
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Only transient analyses are capable of predicting the very unlike loading of two tunnel linings at close distance (e.g. bifurcation), seeing that they depend primarily on the construction sequence.
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Transient 3D-Analyses
Our state-of-the-art software enables us to perform transient (i.e. time-dependent) three-dimensional analyses.
The excavation of a tunnel is done either round by round or continuously by means of TBM. In either case, both excavation sequence and advance rate affect surface settlements and the loading of the support.
IGT compiles sophisticated transient 3D-models (e.g. for subway stations) in order to optimize excavation works with regard to their impact on surface buildings and to overall safety.

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