News & Infos KAT 2 - Current State of Works May 2016
After 5,5 years of construction 15km of heading have been realized. Currently two TBMs and a cross passage heading are in progress.
News & Infos KAT2 - Panoramic View April 2014
Since 2013 construction works are proceeding in full operation. Logistic management has to handle 20.000 tons of excavation material per day.
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Lot KAT1 consists of the realisation of 2 approx. 2250m long tubes, several artificial buildings near the portal area and constructions on the 2km long open section.
The twin tube of the Koralmtunnel is executed following NATM principles. Geological conditions are schluff, siltstone and sandstone.
Lot KAT2 consists of 2 tubes with 19km length, 4,5km drill and blast and 33,5km TBM heading, as well as an emergency stop in the middle of the tunnel.

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